10 Things I’m Thankful For…

  1. My salvation and my loving heavenly father who continues to work on me.
  2. My wife, Sheila, who is an inspiration and constant blessing to my life.
  3. My son, Jack, who never fails to be excited about everything he sees.
  4. My daughter, Sabrina, who loves to laugh and tease.
  5. My parents, Jim and Dawn Kagin, who raised me in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.
  6. My 5 siblings who often times are a spiritual encouragement to me.
  7. My mother and father -in-law, Karen and Robert Shaw, who are not only a great influence in my life but in my children’s as well.
  8. My church family at Grace Baptist who I look forward to meeting with every chance I get.
  9. The Teens 4 Christ at Grace Baptist who have a desire to grow in the Lord and are willing to listen and follow admonition.
  10. The privilege to be in the ministry and the responsibility to preach God’s Word.

God is so good to me and I am grateful to Him for every blessing He as given me. My desire is that in this 28th year of life that I would fulfill all the will of God for this year to the fullest.

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