5 Years of Wedded Bliss

My wife and I were reflecting on the past 5 years and recalling memorable moments, places, activities and people for a little scrapbook she is putting together. It is awesome to be able to look back see all the things I have been able to enjoy with the greatest woman in all the world. When I married her on July 7, 2007, I did not fully realize the gift that God had given me. Each of the past 1,825 days have been a fresh realization of just how much of a blessing it is to call Sheila Kagin my wife. I thank God every day for her and I am thankful in these 7ways….

  1. She is a spiritual lady. She walks with God. She desires to grow and be a better Christian tomorrow than she was today. She is sensitive to the Spirit of God and I treasure that in my wife!
  2. She is a supportive wife. I don’t have to wonder if she will support the call of God on my life. She often makes comments to me (before and after preaching, when I have had a rough day or during some ministry difficulty) that let me know she is right there with me.
  3. She is a sweet wife. I am thankful I am not married to a grump! Her sweet spirit attracted me to her and continues to bless me. Her sweet spirit has set a mood in our home for both me and my children.
  4. She is sensitive to needs. I can think of so many times that she has seen a need or realized it was a special day for someone and she did something about it. Often she has stayed up late to make a cake, a meal or write notes  just to be a blessing. I am thankful she is a giver and not a taker.
  5. She has a sharp mind. She is able to do so many things well and she is constantly learning and gathering ideas. (Sometimes this mean a larger honey-do-list!) She has an incredible mind when it comes to organization and numbers (finances). She keeps all our financial records in an excel spreadsheet that is mind boggling. I appreciate her sharpness!
  6. She is strategic mother. She does not take a hap-hazard approach to mothering our children. She has a desire that they do right and does whatever she can to teach them. I think specifically of when we were beginning to teach our son about character. She took 3×5 cards and a 3×5 card holder and created the “Kagin Character Box”. On those cards she wrote out about 90 character traits and their definitions to aid in teaching our son and daughter character that will help them make right choices.
  7. She is a superb cook. You could never tell from my waist size, but my wife is an amazing cook. She is adventurous and creative. Some of here cakes are professional quality. There is only one meal in the last five years that was a flop (the burnt but still bloody fried chicken -She would tell you the same thing.) I love to my wife’s cooking!

On August 27, 2006 I asked her to marry me, and I gave her a ring with one diamond and two rubies. Those rubies were included to remind her everyday of what I thought about her. I thought then and still today that she is a virtuous woman and her price is far above rubies.

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