Revival… Is it that simple?

The following is a guest post from Evangelist Micah Self. We are looking forward to the Dave Young Evangelist Assossiation being at our church March 29-April 2. These are good preparatory thoughts.

Micah Self

Revival is the heart’s full surrender to God in every area.

The Christian must constantly live in revival. It is not a week long event. Christ provided our example by saying “not my will, but thine.” This submission was motivated by His love for the Father.

Jesus is the measure of Christian living and not man. Living like Jesus is living in revival. So, what is stopping you from being like Jesus? Is it fear of disapproval? Bitterness? Jealousy? Anger? Selfishness? Pride? A Critical spirit? Love of the world, its riches, popularity, and glory? Comfort over commitment? Laziness? A Dead spiritual walk? Apathy toward souls? Sinful Entertainment? Dishonesty? Perversion? Lack of hunger for God? Lust? Self-righteousness? Comparison? Envy? Discouragement instead of satisfaction in God? Lack of love? Hatred? Love of man’s approval?

Whatever it is, confess it and begin revival once again in your life. Stay yielded to the…

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