Weekday Worship


John 4:24 God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. 

We know about Sunday worship, but what about weekday worship?

Worship means to ascribe worth to. The idea is that you show someone or something that they are of value to you. Everyday we ascribe worth to many things and people in our lives. You may ascribe worth to your wife by taking time to listen to her share her heart or to your job and employer by being excellent in all that you do. Many ascribe worth to public opinion and to the philosophies of this world by allowing them to sway their thought and action . However, above everything else in our lives, the God of Heaven must receive our worship!

If you had a friend to whom you were only worth something once a week, how healthy do you think that relationship would be? Yet, many times the only time we deliberately worship God is when we assemble for church on Sunday morning. Truthfully, our Heavenly Father deserves so much more than that!

Let’s pause for a moment and ponder the question, how can I ascribe worth to my God everyday of the week?

  1. Conversation—When someone is special to you, you talk to them. You might call several times a day, text, Facebook or FaceTime them. You crave communication with them. God has told us that we are to pray without ceasing. We are to be in constant, open communication with our Heavenly Father. Remember, conversation is two-way. We must talk to God in prayer and listen to Him through His Word. Test yourself today. How much of the day are you conversing with God? You worship God when you talk to Him and when you hear Him talk to you.
  2. Adoration—Is there anyone or anything on earth that deserves our adoration like our God? The resounding answer is “No!” He alone is worthy to be praised! He personally sacrificed he beloved Son so that we could have a relationship with Him. Do you tell Him how much you love Him? Do you revel in who He is to you? When we adore Him we worship Him.
  3. Declaration—Nobody illustrates this like grandmothers. I have rarely met one that did not have a picture of her grandchildren and a speech ready for anyone that asks. They love to talk about their grandchildren. Do you love to talk about your God? Are you just waiting for the opportunity to declare all His wondrous works? When we talk about Him we worship Him.
  4. Prioritization—Time is precious and what gets prioritized gets done. If a person were to look at your “To do” list, would they be able to see that God is worth a lot to you. I am not just talking about church attendance. I am talking about God being worth so much to you that your daily priorities are all centered around pleasing Him. When we prioritize God and His will for our daily lives we worship Him.

Will you take the time to evaluate your weekday worship of God? While worship has been trivialized in many minds and places to forty minutes of praise and worship music once a week, will you choose to worship the God of your salvation in spirit and in truth. Show Him His worth!

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