Time for an Oil Change—What Every Guy Needs to Know



My dad is a mechanic for a ministry and taught us early on how to do basic maintenance on cars. I can remember being in his shop as a young boy and learning how to change oil and service vehicles. It is interesting to me, as I think back on those days, that no matter how new or how good the vehicle was, it still needed care. The oil still needed to be changed and the fluids still needed to be topped off.

Guys, you understand the importance of caring for your cars. Every 3,000 or three months you take it to the service shop and get the oil changed. You do this to make sure it lasts and does not leave you stranded when you would least expect it.

While you are very careful to give your car the needed maintenance, do you give your marriage the same careful maintenance? You are wondering how we just jumped from cars to marriage. It’s simple. We as guys can understand that no matter what year or how good a car is, it needs regular maintenance to make sure it lasts. So does your marriage. If we treated our cars like we treat our marriages, we would be stranded on the side of the road of life far more often than we would like to be known. Your marriage needs regular care, just like your car.

This year at Couples Retreat you can stop and give the needed maintenance to your marriage. No matter how long you have been married or how good your marriage may be, your marriage needs maintenance so that it will continue to last. Don’t wait till the check engine light comes on in your marriage at the most inconvenient time. Stop and give your most precious earthly relationship the maintenance it needs.


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