How to Pray for Missionaries


This past Sunday evening I was blessed to have the Weber family present their ministry to Mongolia. I was touched by their sincerity and unity as a family. During his presentation he gave us four ways to pray for them. These points are worthwhile in praying for missionaries in general.

  1. Falsehoods—pray for those who have believed the falsehoods of religion. Fifty percent of Mongolians are Buddhists. Forty percent claim no religion at all. The rest nominally claim Christianity. Pray that the truth of God’s Word will break through the error liberating these souls through its truth.
  2. Fruit—pray that the Mongolians will respond and follow Jesus. This would be the fruit of souls.
  3. Future—the future of any nation or even church is the children. Pray that God will draw the children to Himself. Pray that they would understand the Gospel and receive it.
  4. Favor—every missionary, whether at home or abroad, needs favor in the eyes of the people. They need to earn trust as the outsiders. Pray that God will give them creativity and open doors as they seek to build relationships from which they can share the gospel.


You can find out more information about the Webers at their website.

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