The Answer to Worry


There is always something worry about! Right now you are likely worried about something. Worried about what you ate, if you are healthy, will I get enough hours this week or will I get stressed out while trying to figure out getting insurance on the marketplace. You are not alone! USA Today reported the top ten worries of Americans.

  1. Top Ten Worries of 2016 (USA Today)
  2. Corruption of government officials (same top fear as 2015) — 60.6%
  3. Terrorist attacks — 41%
  4. Not having enough money for the future — 39.9%
  5. Being a victim of terror — 38.5%
  6. Government restrictions on firearms and ammunition — 38.5%
  7. People I love dying — 38.1%
  8. Economic or financial collapse — 37.5%
  9. Identity theft — 37.1%
  10. People I love becoming seriously ill — 35.9%
  11. The Affordable Health Care Act/”Obamacare” — 35.5%

Worry! Worry! Worry! I have met some chronic worriers. I have gone through phases in my life of constant worry. It really is not very fun. It takes a toll on you both physically and mentally.

What is the answer to worry? What will usher worry out the door of our heart and mind? Though it might sound overly simplistic, trust is the answer!

Psalm 125:1 They that trust in the Lord shall be as mount Zion, Which cannot be removed, but abideth for ever.

God says that when I trust in Him, I will be just like Mount Zion. This is a mountain that stands some 2,500 feet above sea level. It is safe to say that Mount Zion is not going anywhere. It is stable, firm, steadfast, unmovable and sure. The Psalmist gives a vivid and accurate illustration of the one who trusts in the Lord.

Perhaps you find yourself troubled, anxious, worried about everything including your worry. Pause! Pray and choose to trust God with all your problems. You can sit and worry about things you cannot change or stand and trust them into the hands of Him that has the power to change them.

A little boy was loudly singing the well known hymn, “Trust and Obey” in church one beautiful Sunday. Instead he sang, “Trust and O.K.”. Little did he realize, his mistake contained a great truth. When we trust God, everything will be O.K..

Listen—Promises for the Trusting Heart

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