Six years ago I was privileged marry the lady of my dreams. I praise God for giving me exactly what I needed in my wife. I cannot thank God enough for His overwhelming goodness toward me. I continue to praise and thank God for my wife in these ways:

  1. She is a blessing – Literally her name, Sheila, means blessing. Over and over I have been blessed by her kindness, love, commitment, forgiveness and talents.
  2. She is always growing – Whether in music, mothering, business, cooking or spiritually, my wife has consistently grown. She works hard to improve and that is awesome!
  3. She is always planning – Being prepared is apart of my wife’s DNA. She is always thinking ahead to make every family event go smoothly and have everything that is needed, including emergencies. She definitely helps me in this way!
  4. She is caring – Her caring spirit has amazed me time and time again. She will go without in order to care for her family or someone else. Whether people or animals, my wife is very caring.
  5. She is godly – I can count on my wife to take God’s perspective in any matter. I appreciate how she allows God’s Word to govern her life and actions. I also appreciate her willingness to continually grow in this area.
  6. She is a keeper – The success of any marriage depends on each spouse being fully committed to the marriage for life. God has truly blest me with the perfect wife for me and I am so glad that He brought us together.

Many people today mock marriage and say it doesn’t work. God designed it and if you will follow His principles as given in the Bible, marriage is like a little heaven on earth — to God be the glory!

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