God Uses Children


At Grace Baptist Church we are just one week away from Vacation Bible School. I am so excited to see just what God will do during this week in the hearts of the children and parents that attend. We have been actively, prayerfully preparing for this week of intense evangelistic outreach.

This Wednesday evening I will be preaching to the children in our Wednesday Children’s Program in preparation for VBS and God has burdened my heart to challenge them with this thought, “God uses children!” John 6:1-15 gives us the story of Jesus feeding the multitude of men, women and children with just five barely loaves and two small fishes. Tucked away in this story is the marvelous truth that God uses children. The story opens with a big need — the people were hungry and there was no food. Then there was a small boy. Evidently this lad wanted to be close to Jesus because Andrew was able to spot him. He noticed his humble lunch that perhaps his caring mother packed for him before he ran out the door to see Jesus. Andrew brought the lad to Christ and it should be noted that this little guy was willing to give up his lunch (Something little boys are not likely to do) for Jesus.  He would have not had an understanding of what Christ was about to do, yet he was willing to give up his lunch anyway. Here we see our amazing God. Jesus commanded the multitude to be seated and then thanked God for the food. I can only imagine what must have been going through the lad’s mind. I can see his eyes widened as his lunch keeps growing as the disciples walk throughout this huge crowd serving his five loaves and two small fishes. The multitude along with this little boy were stuffed. Jesus had done what no man could do and He allowed a little lad with a little lunch to help Him do it.

The fact is, God still uses children and don’t forget this as you approach your Vacation Bible School or other summer children’s ministries. Challenge the children of your church to let God use them too. Let them know that they are valuable to God. Involve them. Encourage them to invite their friends. Children will never forget being used of God!

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