I Love Seeing God Work!


This past week we had the Cola-Clash team come to help us reach Kettering teens for Jesus Christ. I was blessed by the zeal of the team members to recruit as many teens as possible to the three days of carbonated competition. The Lord blessed with record number of recruits and we entered the evening rallies anticipating God to work. He did work.  Each night teens came back to receive Jesus as their Savior. Friday night (the final night of Cola-Clash) we gave the teens who received Christ the opportunity to stand and make their decision public. All of them did and what a blessing it was to see them stand unashamed of Jesus Christ. Over the three days we saw ten come to Christ along with 4 other assurance related decisions. I am looking forward to helping these young people grow in their new Christian life.

We prayed that God would save teens in Kettering. It was our heart to bring hope into their lives. God did answer our prayer! While we were busy with the Cola-Clash, God allowed a local tragedy to bring many more teens to Jesus. Austin Rife was a 15-year-old young man who was killed by a drunk driver on August 8th. His funeral was on August 15 and while praying with the Cola-Clash team that morning, I felt impressed of the Lord to attend the Funeral. I am glad I did! We had prayed that God would help the preacher to give the Gospel clearly, but I did not anticipate what happened. The preacher, Jeff Rose, stood and gave one of the clearest, timely Gospel messages I have ever heard as well as extended an invitation to receive Christ. The first ones to respond were three High-School young men and then many more teenagers began to respond. They made their way to the front where several personal workers helped them know what to do. I counted around 31 people who responded, most of them teenagers.

It amazes me to see how God is able to work and bring people to salvation. He uses even tragic situations to bring hope to many.  I am praying that God will continue to work in our city to draw the lost to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.


Please join me in praying for the Rife family as they continue to grieve for Austin.

If you have recently received Jesus and desire to grow in your relationship with Him, consider joining our Student Journey Class.

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