The Fear of God


Even a brief overview of our country’s history and its leaders reveals many men who had a fear of God. It guided them. How we ought to pray that the fear of God would once again grip the leaders of our nation. Perhaps the fear of God must first grip the believers and churches of our nation before it will grip our nation and her leaders. However, I recently received a “Good Set of Rules” that guided President James A. Garfield from a young man.

  1. Make few promises.
  2. Always speak the truth.
  3. Never speak evil of anyone.
  4. Keep good company or none.
  5. Never play games of chance.
  6. Drink no intoxicating drinks.
  7. Remember food character is above everything else.
  8. Keep your own secrets, if you have any.
  9. Never borrow if you can possibly help it.
  10. Do not marry until you are able to support a wife—or your husband to be can support you.
  11. Keep yourself honest if you would be happy.
  12. When you speak to a person, look him in the eyes.

It is no wonder that God blessed our nation when those who led it were guided by Biblical principles. While our nation is running from God as fast as possible, let the followers of Jesus Christ not forget to fear God and be guided by Biblical principles.

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