6 Benefits of Couples Retreat

In just a few weeks Grace Baptist Church will host its second annual Couples Retreat. This year we are privileged to have Pastor Chuck and Linda Phelps from Indianapolis, Indiana. As I think about the benefits of a Couples Retreat, some thoughts come to mind.

  1. It gives time to focus on your spouse. 
    With our fast paced culture, what does not get planned does not get done. If we are not careful, building our marriages can become a last priority.
  2. It gives God an opportunity to speak to you. 
    Sometimes it takes a change of pace, surroundings and a different voice for us to hear what God is trying to say to us. You can be sure if you set aside time to hear from God, He will speak to you through His word. Remember, God’s Word has the answers for having a vibrant, successful marriage.
  3. It will encourage teamwork. 
    As you and your spouse hear from God’s Word lessons geared toward your relationship, God will work in both of your hearts at the same time. He will show areas that need work. It is out of these times there comes a renewed desire to work on your marriage together.
  4. It is an opportunity to be encouraged by other couples. 
    It is always a blessing to see and hear how God is working in the lives of others. It encourages us to keep at it. Perhaps you will get a tip or idea from another couple that will inspire you in your marriage.
  5. It will say that you are interested in deepening your relationship. 
    What we take time for indicates our interests. Setting aside time to focus on your marriage will speak volumes to your spouse.
  6. It will help you follow God’s plan. 
    God’s plan for every marriage is for it to be a lifetime love relationship. The statistics tell us that about half of marriages end in divorce. A strong marriage in the future depends on the decisions made in the present. Take advantage of present opportunities to strength the most your wonderful, awesome earthly relationship.


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